About Us

We want to see a world enriched with comfortable, confident and caring people with an everlasting thirst for knowledge and personal growth.

Our Mission

We want to see better learning.  We are committed to helping businesses, course creators and presenters maximise their audience attention, engagement and learning through conscious planning, purposeful design and authentic delivery of their content. 

It is where “wow” meets “that makes sense”, leading to better learning outcomes.

Typically, course creators and presenters are experts in their specific topic, however educating an audience on a topic requires additional skills and nuance.  Relying solely on the expertise often leads to confusing – or worse, losing – their audience and as a result, they are not delivering value and they are potentially ruining their reputation as an expert.

Saffron Learning is here to fill that gap.  By pairing your expertise with our strategies to deliver great learning outcomes, your students, staff or attendees will walk away with you knowing that the new knowledge is safely stored and readily accessible.

Meet Trishi


Trishi is an Instructional Designer and Learning Specialist who just loves changing lives through learning.  She has spent 20-ish years in the airline industry, the last 10 of which she transitioned from a subject matter expert to a training designer and facilitator.

Learning is at the heart of everything Trishi does, refining her craft of learning design and visual models – which in her opinion, you can’t have one without the other – over the last decade.

She has designed, developed and delivered training to thousands of stakeholders from learners in third-world and developing countries who have English as a third language to Executive Group members within the corporate landscape in Australia. 

Leveraging the psychology and strategies of learning throughout her work,  she is a pioneer whose underpinning methodology of working with the brain as it learns and not against it creates presentations and training resources that provide a pathway of predictable thought to maximise learning outcomes for your audience.

Trishi founded Saffron Learning to help course creators and businesses leverage their expertise by creating training and course content and resources that simultaneously represent the brand and connect with the audience to deliver transformational content that is understood and retained by learners.

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